BUILD Network


BUILD stands for Build Up and In to Live as a Disciple of Christ.


BUILD’s Vision

An effective and relevant network that build up and equip members and leaders of Glad Tidings Church to be Christ’s followers who care for and communicate God’s love to the community.


BUILD’s Mission

BUILD’s mission is to collaborate with ministries to assess equipping needs, design and deliver effective training interventions that reflect the church’s core values through the learning journey framework.


BUILD was launched in 2019.  Since then, several Learning Journeys has been conducted for the entire Church, for leaders through the L.A.D. (Leaders Alignment and Development), and for specific ministries. In 2021, we have started Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Discipleship Course as a church-wide discipleship programme from April to August where participants meet for 8 sessions biweekly. In 2022, we will continue the Emotionally Healthy Relationships course. This is in line with our focus of loving God and loving others, as we practise the spiritual disciplines of silence and solitude and dive into topics like issues of the family of origin, learning to grieve our losses. In so doing, we allow the Holy Spirit to heal and restore us, making us more emotionally healthy and thus able to love others better.