Lord, Teach Us To Pray

 Dr Selven Chetty

18.6.2017 - 1st Service

Grace In The Old Testament

 Rev Dr Paul Ng

11.6.2017 - 1st Service

Building Prayer Altars


Elder Eric Yip

4.6.2017 - 1st Service

Why Pray?


Elder Peter Lim

21.5.2017 - 1st Service

Lessons of Motherhood From The Story of Hannah

Ps Eddy Chan

14.5.2017 - 1st Service

Building Upon The Vision

Elder James Lee

7.5.2017 - GTC60 Anniversary Service

The God Who Will Reign

Ps Whitley Sim

30.4.2017 - 1st Service

The Blessing of Obedience

Elder Melvin Soh

23.4.2017 - 1st Service

God’s Redemption Plan

Elder Billy Chan

16.4.2017 - 1st Service

Return And Rebuild


Elder James Lee

9.4.2017 - 1st Service

Return And Rebuild The Temple

SP Lawrence Lee

02.4.2017 - 1st Service

Why I Am Not Following Jesus

PS Eddy Chan

26.3.2017 - 1st Service


Enoch: The Church That Escapes Death

Elder Richard Soh

19.3.2017 - 2nd Service

Wisdom In Dealing With People

Elder Melvin Soh

12.3.2017 - 1st Service  

As For Me And My Household We Will Serve The Lord

Elder Michael Sng

5.3.2017 - 1st Service

Following Christ As A Community

SP Lawrence Lee

26.2.2017 - 1st Service

Following Jesus Who Is Fully God And Fully Man

Rev Dr Paul Ng

19.2.2017 - 1st Service

Appointed To Be Fruitful

Rev Samuel Phun

12.2.2017 - 1st Service & 2nd Service (Audio)




Fans or Followers of Jesus

Elder James Lee

5.2.2017 - 1st Service

Following Jesus Into Newness of Life

Rev Dr Paul Ng
29.1.2017 - 1st Service

Following Jesus : An Ancient Faith In a Modern World

Ps Whitley Sim
22.1.2017 - 1st Service

Are We Bringing Tidings of Comfort or Complaints

Dr Tan Lai Yong
15.1.2017 - 2nd Service

Come and See


Elder James Lee
8.1.2017 - 1st Service

Love Came Down

PS Richard Toh
25.12.2016 - Christmas Service


Follow Jesus

SP Lawrence Lee
1.1.2017 - 1st Service


Don’t Stop Believing

PS Whitley Sim
18.12.2016 - 1st Service


Boundless Forgiveness

SP Lawrence Lee
11.12.2016 - 1st Service

I Am The Resurrection And Life

Elder Melvin Soh
04.12.2016 - 1st Service

Jesus The Good Shepherd

SP Lawrence Lee
20.11.2016 - 2nd Service

BreadTalk By Jesus

Ps Whitley Sim
6.11.2016 - 1st Service

Our Good Shepherd

Ps Eddy Chan
13.11.2016 - 1st Service

Knowing God – The Old Testament People & Their God(s)

Ps Whitley Sim
15.05.2016 - 2nd Service

Knowing God in the Old Testament


Ps Whitley Sim
08.05.2016 - 1st Service

Knowing God pt 2 – Made In The Image Of God

Senior Pastor Lawrence Lee
10.04.2016 - 1st Service

Knowing God pt 1 – The Immutability of God

Dr Paul Ng
03.04.2016 - 1st Service

The Resurrected Life


Elder Peter Lim
27.03.2016 - 2nd Service

Maturing Through Trials


Elder James Lee
20.03.2016 - 1st Service

Obedience & Sovereignty of God

Elder Melvin Soh
13.03.2016 - 1st Service

Seeking The Lost


Rev Micah Tawk Kap
06.03.2016 - 1st Service 

Come See, Come Learn & Come Follow Me

Ps Whitley Sim
28.02.2016 - 1st Service

The Right Thing To Do

Elder Michael Sng
21.02.2016 - 2nd Service

The Keys Of David

Elder Richard Soh
14.02.2016 - 1st Service

The One Thing

Ps Richard Toh
07.02.2016 - CNY Service

Possessing The Land

Dr Selven Chetty
31.01.2016 - 1st Service