Jonah’s Structured Experience

Pastor Whitley Sim

7.4.2019 - 2nd Service

Mission Possible

Elder Melvin Soh

31.3.2019 - 2nd Service

Can I find fulfilment in the age of anxiety?

Max Jeganathan

24.3.2019 - 1st Service

Jonah 4:11 “And Should I Not Have Concern…”

Ps Eddy Lee

17.3.2019 - 1st Service

The Jonah In You

SP Lawrence Lee

10.3.2019 - 1st Service

GTC Housewarming

Ps Whitley Sim

24.2.2019 - GTC Housewarming Service

Passion For Souls

Elder Peter Lim

17.2.2019 - 2nd Service


Ps Richard Toh

10.2.2019 - 1st Service

The Call To Harvest

SP Lawrence Lee

3.2.2019 - 2nd Service

Be His Witness | Acts 3-4

Ps Whitley Sim

27.1.2019 - 1st Service

God Of Redemptiom


Lydia Chen

20.1.2019 - 1st Service

I Know Jesus Is The Answer But…

Ps Whitley Sim

13.1.2019 - 1st Service

The Reality of Eternity

Dr Selvan Chetty

6.1.2019 - 2nd Service

The Hope of Christmas

SP Lawrence Lee

23.12.2018 - Christmas Service