Love God, Love Others, Love One Another

Ps Whitley Sim

27.5.2018 - 1st Service



Elder Billy Chan

3.6.2018 - 2nd Service

Embracing Truth

Elder Melvin Soh

13.5.2018 - 1st Service

A New Mountain

Lydia Chen

20.5.2018 - 1st Service

Power To Live For Christ


SP Lawrence Lee

6.5.2018 - GTC61 Service

The Basics of Church Life Revisited

Dr Tan Soo-Inn

29.4.2018 - 1st Service

Blessed To Be A Blessing


Dr Jeffrey Lum

22.4.2018 - 2nd Service

Loving God Through Our Prayers

SP Lawrence Lee

15.4.2018 - 1st Service

The Vine and The Branches


Elder Richard Soh

8.4.2018 - 1st Service

The Significance of Christ Risen

Rev Henson Lim

1.4.2018 - Resurrection Sunday second service

The Significance Of Christ Crucified

Rev Henson Lim

28.3.2018 - Good Friday Service

The Church, Structured For Ministry

Dr Tan Soo-Inn

25.3.2018 - 1st Service

We Cannot Love Without Giving

Pastor Richard Toh

18.3.2018 - 2nd Service

Love God With All Your Mind

Rev Dr Paul Ng

11.3.2018 - 1st Service

Loving God With All Your Heart

Elder Melvin Soh

4.3.2018 - 1st Service

Call Forth God’s Love

Daniel Jesudason

28.2.2018 - 1st Service

2018: New Beginnings


Elder Peter Lim

18.2.2018 - 1st Service

Struggling To Love A Loving God

Elder James Lee

11.2.2018 - 1st Service


Ps Whitley Sim

28.1.2018 - 1st Service

So Great A Salvation

SP Lawrence Lee

21.1.2018 - 1st Service

God Is Love


Rev Dr Paul Ng

14.1.2018 - 1st Service

Breaking Out Of Your Limitations

Dr Selven Chetty

7.1.2018 - 1st Service