10 - 12 June | Thistle Hotel JB

Speaker: Rev Henson Lim


Session 1 - Awakened to More

Be introduced to the 3 "A" that Archippus Awakening is founded upon - AWAKENED . ALIGNED . ASSIGNED for His Kingdom's glory.

Rev Henson also shares the ultimate yardstick of the fullness of a christian life as determined by the pleasure our lives bring to our King.


Session 2 - Barriers to More

Lessons from the life of King David, 10 barriers that may cause us to miss our mission.

Listen and recalibrate so that we overcome these barriers that stumble us from appropriating the "MORE" God has in store for us.


Session 3 - Aligned for More I 

How do we move from "AA" (Assembly Area) to "AO" (Area of Operations)?

Focus on the aligning and let God do the assigning! A session on practical outliving on alignment, so that we can be fully prepared and yielded to take on our Kingdom assignment(s) faithfully and in full reliance on Christ.


Session 4 - Aligned for More II


Session 5 - Build for More

Taken from Haggai, Rev Henson shares about God's principles in rebuilding the Temple, and how we, His co-labourers, are to be discerning of each phase of building, shaking and filing.


Session 6 - Graced for More

In the concluding session, Rev Henson tackles the hard questions on going about our assignments, discerning if an assignment is truly from the Lord, and how we are to approach our Kingdom assignment(s).