Next Gen

Next Gen Ministry was started when Youth Gen and GTKids! were brought under one umbrella under the leadership of Pastor Lydia Chen in 2019. Next Gen Ministry seeks to help transition young people from GTKids! to Youth Gen and finally into Adult Ministry. It also seeks to inculcate spiritual disciplines of bible reading and prayer, sharing faith and serving others in our curricula.

We also believe that intergenerational values are expressed through the nurturing of faith through intentional relationships between an older generation to younger, where adults and young adults invest their time in teaching, modelling, praying and spending time with the young people.

Next Gen Ministry also sees to the partnership between GTKids! and Youth Gen and sharing of resources and manpower between the ministries. We see the potential of raising young leaders and worshippers through our collaboration, where youths get to learn and plan evangelistic events and use their gifts to lead worship in GTKids!.