Your regular giving to Glad Tidings Church is important.


All giving to Glad Tidings Church (“The Glad Tidings Limited’) are used to support the ministries of our church as well as work of the wider body of Christ in the world. They enable our church to carry out her mission according to the budget plan, as well as to respond to the needs around us.

奉献佳音礼拜堂的所有款项(以下简称“The Glad Tidings Limited”)均用于支持我们教会的事工以及世界上更广泛的基督的工作。 我们的教会会根据预算计划执行其使命,并响应我们周围的需求。

For members of Glad Tidings Church, you may give tithes and offering in the following ways:
SGQR (Quick Response) Codes, Internet Banking, and Cash/Cheque.




Give Through SGQR Codes | 通过SGQR代码

Make payments using your bank’s mobile banking app.

Step 1: Launch your preferred payment app*.

Step 2: Scan the relevant QR code using your bank’s app.

Step 3: Verify that the payee name is “The Glad Tidings Limited”.

Step 4: Enter the amount you are giving. Note: For GTC Missions, you will be asked to fill in the reference field when making the payment. You can input as NA in the field.

Step 5: Verify all the details and confirm the transfer.

For example, if you use PayNow, log in to your bank’s mobile banking app then scan the relevant QR code. For PayNow, you can also give through entering the respective UEN (unique entity number) instead of scanning the QR code.

*Accepts: Bank of China, DBS PayLah!, HSBC Singapore, ICBC, Maybank, OCBC Pay Anyone, PayNow, Standard Chartered, UOB Mighty.



步骤1: 启动您的首选付款应用程序*。

步骤 2:使用银行的应用程序扫描相关的QR码。

步骤3: 确认收款人姓名为“The Glad Tidings Limited”。

步骤4: 输入您要奉献的金额。注意:对于佳音礼拜堂的宣教事工,在付款时会要求您填写参考字段。您可以在字段中输入NA。

步骤5: 验证所有详细信息并确认转移。


*接受:中国银行,星展银行PayLah !、汇丰新加坡,工行,马来亚银行,华侨银行Pay Anyone,PayNow,渣打银行,大华银行。



Give Through Internet Banking | 通过互联网银行

Make payments using Internet bank transfer if you have an online banking facility.

Step 1: Log in to your bank’s Internet Banking website.

Step 2: Add “The Glad Tidings Limited” as a payee using the details below:

GTC Offering         143-088177-001 (HSBC)

GTC Tithes            604-022376-001 (OCBC)

GTC Missions       143-088177-002 (HSBC)




第2步:使用以下详细信息,将“The Glad Tidings Limited”添加为收款人:

佳音礼拜堂 - 奉献              143-088177-001 (HSBC汇丰新加坡 )

佳音礼拜堂 - 什一奉献      604-022376-001 (OCBC华侨银行)

佳音礼拜堂 - 宣教事工      143-088177-002 (HSBC汇丰新加坡)